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First Place
Tyler Hicks
The New York Times

"Massacre at a Kenyan Mall"

Second Place
James Oatway
The Sunday Times
(South Africa)
"DRC: Three Antenna Hill"

Third Place
John Tlumacki
The Boston Globe

"The Boston Marathon Bombings"

Award of Excellence
Justin Merriman

"Egypt: An Ongoing Revolution"

Award of Excellence
Peter Hove Olesen

"Typhoon Haiyan"

Third Place
John Tlumacki
The Boston Globe

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"THE Boston marathon Bombings"

Two terrorist bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon killing three people and injuring an estimated 264 people. The first bomb exploded less than fifty feet from finish line on the sidewalk.

Boston Police officers Rachel McGuire, Kevin McGill and Javier Pagan react to a second bomb exploding at the Boston Marathon. The first bomb exploded next to them on the sidewalk near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, which knocked down runner Bill Effrig on to the street feet away from the finish line.. The second bomb exploded less than eight seconds from the first one and was several blocks away on Boylston Street. Bunting and two section of fence prevented them from being injured by shrapnel.




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