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First Place
Sara Galbiati

"The Circus Kids of Kabul"

Second Place
Oded Balilty
Associated Press


Third Place
Hossein Fatemi
Panos Pictures

"Veiled Truths"

Award of Excellence
Robin Hammond


First Place
Sara Galbiati

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"The Circus kids of Kabul"

About half the children at the school are girls. The girls primarily sing and juggle during the performances. They do not dress out, use bicycles or climb the human pyramids like the boys. Such excesses are not acceptable for girls. Therefore the circus school have to keep within conservative frames, so they are sure to get support from the children's parents and the local religious mullahs. Awal Gul, age 11, Nigina age 12, Fatima age 9 and Marwah age 12.




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