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Category: Spot News

First Place
Abd Doumany/Freelance
"Youngest Victims"

Second Place
Peter Dejong/Associated Press
"Panic in Paris"

Third Place
Bassam Khabieh/Reuters
"Children saved from under rubble"

Award of Excellence
Anders Hansson/Freelance

Award of Excellence
Abbas Momani/Freelance
"Boy Detained"

Award of Excellence
Kai Oliver Pfaffenbach/Thomson Reuters
"Jump around with Super-Mario"

Award of Excellence
Andrew Quilty/Oculi for Foreign Policy
"The Man on the Operating Table: Baynazar"


Award of Excellence

"the man on the operating table: baynazar"

Baynazar Mohammad Nazar, a 43-year-old husband and father of four, lies dead on the operating table of the MSF Kunduz Trauma Center, following the October 3 attack by an American AC-130 gunship on the hospital. At least 42 staff, patients and patient carers were killed.

Baynazar was being operated on for the second time in as many days after he was shot in crossfire during fighting between Afghan Government forces and Taliban insurgents, while returning home from his work in Kunduz City in the days following the Taliban's takeover of the northern Afghan City.

Due to the ferocity of the attack, surgeons and other MSF staff had to abandon the anaesthetized and sedated patient when the aerial attack began.



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