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First Place
Tyler Hicks
The New York Times

"Massacre at a Kenyan Mall"

Second Place
James Oatway
The Sunday Times
(South Africa)
"DRC: Three Antenna Hill"

Third Place
John Tlumacki
The Boston Globe

"The Boston Marathon Bombings"

Award of Excellence
Justin Merriman

"Egypt: An Ongoing Revolution"

Award of Excellence
Peter Hove Olesen

"Typhoon Haiyan"

First Place
Tyler Hicks
The New York Times

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"MASSACRE At A Kenyan Mall"

Families and friends of the Westgate Mall attack, that took place one month ago on September 21, gathered at Karura Forest In Nairobi for a memorial ceremony. The program included prayers from various religions, singing songs, the recital of a poem and several speakers paying their respects. That was followed by the planting of trees in memory of those killed, and the dedication of a memorial garden, where people placed flowers. Names of the victims were written on cards and placed at the new trees as they were planted and watered.




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