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Category: Impact 2018–Immigration Status

First Place

Alessio Paduano / Freelance
“Abandoned in the Mediterranean Sea”

Second Place

Daniel Ochoa de Olza / Associated Press
“Family Jump”

Third Place

Adriana Zehbrauskas / The New Yorker
“Migrant Caravan”

Award of Excellence

Juan Medina / Reuters
“Life and Death in the Mediterranean Sea”

Award of Excellence

Barbara Davidson / Freelance
“Desperate to Cross the Border into USA”

Award of Excellence

Brett Gundlock / Freelance

Award of Excellence: Brett Gundlock / Freelance

Award of Excellence


Young girls sit inside of a livestock trailer, as they make their way north through Mexico as part of the most recent migrant caravan, Nov. 12, 2018, in Irapuato, Mexico. This caravan was made up of thousands of people and one of the biggest caravans.