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Category: Impact 2018–Immigration Status

First Place

Alessio Paduano / Freelance
“Abandoned in the Mediterranean Sea”

Second Place

Daniel Ochoa de Olza / Associated Press
“Family Jump”

Third Place

Adriana Zehbrauskas / The New Yorker
“Migrant Caravan”

Award of Excellence

Juan Medina / Reuters
“Life and Death in the Mediterranean Sea”

Award of Excellence

Barbara Davidson / Freelance
“Desperate to Cross the Border into USA”

Award of Excellence

Brett Gundlock / Freelance

Award of Excellence: Barbara Davidson / Freelance

Award of Excellence

“Desperate to Cross the Border into USA”

José (first name only for security reasons) unsuccessfully tries to squeeze through a Mexican border wall situated across a beach in Tijuana leading into San Diego, Calif. José said it took him a month and a half to walk and hitch-hike from Honduras.