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Category: Online News & Issue Story Editing

First Place
Meaghan Looram and Hannah Fairfield/The New York Times
"Living in China's Expanding Deserts"

Second Place
Mary Ann Giordano and Maura Foley/The New York Times
"A Weekend in Chicago"

Third Place
Zoeann Murphy/The Washington Post
"Voices from Standing Rock"

Award of Excellence
The New York Times
"A Bullet Could Hit Me and My Kids Anytime"

Award of Excellence
Sarah Leen and Robin Hammond/National Geographic
"In Their Words: How Children Are Affected by Gender Issues"

Award of Excellence
Brett Roegiers/CNN
"Focus on Flint: Aftermath of the Water Crisis"

Award of Excellence
Derek Watkins and Josh Keller/The New York Times
"A Bomb Shatters an Aleppo Building, and Videos Capture the Rescue Minute by Minute"

First Place

"Living in China's Expanding Deserts"



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