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Category: Recreational Sports

First Place
Edgard De Bono
"Boxing club Havana"

Second Place
Billy Weeks

Third Place
Francisco Seco/AP
"Spain Daily Life"

Award of Excellence
David Guttenfelder/National Geographic
"Cuba Basketball"

Award of Excellence
Fulvio Bugani
"On the ring"

Award of Excellence
Mario Tama/Getty Images
"Prison Soccer"

Award of Excellence
Eivind Senneset


First Place

"Boxing Club Havana"

Sparring scene during a training session. Sayu, on the foreground, hits heavily Christian who is trying in vain to block the punch with his boxing gloves.

The Gimnasio Rafael Trejo is one of the oldest boxing gyms of Cuba where famous Cuban boxers, recognized worldwide, trained in the past and and still train themselves today . It owes its name to a young revolutionary student, murdered in 1930 during the student demonstrations against Gerardo Machado's dictatorship . This gym is located in Havana Veja (the old town) and consists of an open-sky ring trapped between two pastel-colored buildings. Every week nearly 100 boxes are training here from different ages and background.



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