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Category: Impact 2016 - Islamic State Conflict (ISIS or ISIL)

First Place
Alessio Romenzi
"No prisoners"

Second Place
Ivor Prickett

Third Place
Emanuele Satolli
"Captured Isis fighters"

Award of Excellence
Frederic Lafarge
"Civilian population escapes I.S. controlled Mosul"

Award of Excellence
Ameer Alhalbi/Agence France-Presse

Award of Excellence
Jan Grarup

Award of Excellence
Manu Brabo/AP
"Buried Militant"

Award of Excellence
Ricardo Garcia Vilanova/ CNN/Photographic Social Vision


Award of Excellence


Suicide car bombs ( DOGMA ) have proved as the most lethal weapons of the enemy. This two left at least 12 fighters killed and 60 wounded.A third dogma was launched against the people were helping the wounded and extinguishing the fire at that time, but could be stopped in time.Official estimates putt he number of those killed during the offensive at around 500. In total was 87 Dogma ( suicide car bomb ) in these last weeks of the war.



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