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Category: Magazine Feature Story Editing

First Place
Director of Photography Sarah Leen, Photographer Robin Hammond, Design Editor David Whitmore
National Geographic
Lagos: Africa's First City
Second Place
Robert Csere, Creative Director; Vladimira Pcolova, Picture Editor; Magnus Wennman, Photographer

Where The Syrian Children Sleep

Third Place
Kathy Moran, David Whitmore, Randy Olson/National Geographic
Last Rites For The Jade Sea?
Award of Excellence
Director of Photography Sarah Leen, Senior Photo Editor Pam Chen, Maggie Steber and Fotokonbit student photographers, Design Editor Elaine Bradley/National Geographic
Haiti on Its Own Terms
Award of Excellence
Todd James, John Baxter, Anand Varma/National Geographic
Quest for a Super Bee
Award of Excellence
Kim Hubbard, David Whitmore, Gerd Ludwig, Alex Majoli/National Geographic
Two Cities Two Europes
Award of Excellence
David Miller and Kathy Andrisevic/Pacific NW, Seattle Times
Searching for Solitude



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