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First Place
"A man who sees the world upsidedown"


Second Place
Paula Bronstein/Getty Images Reportage
"A Desperate Migration: Waiting Game"


Third Place
Niclas Hammarstrom/Freelance


Award of Excellence
Olivier Douliery/Freelance
"The lake"


Award of Excellence
Magnus Wennman/Aftonbladet


Second Place

"A Desperate Migration: Waiting Game"

LESBOS, GREECE - OCTOBER 28: An Iraqi man peers through the high fence of a registration area at Moria camp where thousands of refugees wait for days to get their paperwork done so they can move on in Lesbos on October 28,2015. Cold weather and rough seas have done little to stem the endless flow of desperate people fleeing war or poverty trying to get to Europe. More than a million people reached Europe in 2015 in the continent's largest refugee influx since the end of World War II. Nearly all of those entering Greece on a boat from Turkey are from the war zones of Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.



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