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Category: News picture story

First Place
John Moore
Getty Images

"Liberia Ebola"

Second Place
Carolyn Cole
the Los Angeles Times


Third Place
Arash Khamooshi
Iranian Students News Agency

"A Story of a Last-Minute Act of Forgiveness"

Award of Excellence
Marcus Bleasdale

"Central African Republic – Inferno"

Award of Excellence
Paul Hansen
Dagens Nyheter

"Cold war in Ukraine"

Award of Excellence
Rick Loomis
the Los Angeles Times

"Flight from Rage: Conflict in the Central African Republic"

Award of Excellence
Adam Ferguson
Freelance for The New York Times

"Helicopter Crash on Mount Sinjar"

Director's Choice
Michel du Cille
The Washington Post


Second Place
Carolyn Cole
the Los Angeles Times

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In the summer of 2014, fifty days of war between Israeli and Palestinian forces resulted in the death of over 2,100 Gazan residents, including 513 children. Israel lost 66 soldiers (and 5 civilians), as they carried out their stated aim to stop Hamas members from firing rockets into Israel. The mission included the destruction of Hamas smuggling tunnels and their rocket arsenal. In the process, Israeli forces dropped some 20,000 tons of explosives on Gaza, forcing the evacuation of over 300,000 people and the destruction of entire neighborhoods. The dead and wounded were rushed to a few government hospitals, ill equipped for the onslaught. From one side of the battle, inside Gaza, a scene of horror played out like few had seen before. UP IN ARMS--After a night of heavy bombardment of Gaza by Israeli forces, smoke rises from a fuel depot outside the town of Bureij, Gaza Strip on July 29, 2014. Power outage had an immediate effect on the public health situation, causing reduced water and sanitation services. What few hospitals remained open to treat the wounded become dependent on generators.



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