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First Place
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Ora DeKornfeld

Second Place
The New York Times
"Beyond the Finish Line"
Photographer/videographer: Josh Haner, Writer: Tim Rohan, Video editor/producer: Catherine Spangler, Photo editor: Becky Hanger, Designer: Smith, Meghan Louttit
Third Place
Los Angeles Times
"From the Outside In"
Video by Allen J. Schaben Additional Footage and Edited by Bethany Mollenkof

Award of Excellence
"Iowa's County Fairs"
European Pressphoto Agency
Jim Lo Scalzo

Award of Excellence
National Geographic
"The Serengeti Lion"
Michael Nichols, Photographer; Nathan Williamson, Cinematographer; Jody Sugrue, Creative Director, Digital; Mike Schmidt, Multimedia Director; National Geographic Staff 

Award of Excellence
"Never Forget"
Brian F. Henry

Third Place
Los Angeles Times
Video by Allen J. Schaben, Additional Footage and Edited by Bethany Mollenkof

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"From the Outside In"

Roger Anderson, 47, who was homeless for more than three decades, moved into his first apartment, only to find that he was more lonely and uncomfortable inside than outside. 



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