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First Place
Lisa Krantz
San Antonio Express-News

"Twice Betrayed: Military Sexual Trauma"

Second Place
Magnus Wennman


Third Place
Mads Nissen
Berlingske/ Panos Pictures

"Homophobia in Russia"

Award of Excellence
RJ Sangosti
The Denver Post

"Low Times on the High Plains"

Award of Excellence
Marvin Joseph
The Washington Post

"Dance With My Father"

Award of Excellence
RJ Sangosti
The Denver Post

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"Low times on the high plains"

Lisa James packs up her room at her family's home in Eads, to leave for college, August 12, 2013. The 18-year-old James, former rodeo queen of Kiowa County, is heading to Texas Christian University to study political science. "I love living here, and hopefully someday I can come back. But is it's hard to find jobs here," she said. According to the last census data, Colorado's population has grown by 17 percent, yet Kiowa County's population has declined by 10 percent.




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