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First Place
John Stanmeyer
VII / National Geographic

Second Place
Andrea Bruce
NOOR Images for the New York Times
"Living Under the Regime"

Third Place
Daniel Berehulak
Reportage by Getty Images
"Afghanistan's Worsening Hunger Crisis"

Award of Excellence
Astrid Riecken

Award of Excellence
Mauricio Lima
Freelance for the The New York Times
"Daily Life in Kabul"

Award of Excellence
Krisanne Johnson
"Izikhothane battle"


Award of Excellence
Krisanne Johnson

"Izikhothane Battle"

Sibusiso Mgoduka, 16 (far right), watches his friend battle another Izikhothane group in a park near their home in Katlehong, near Johannesburg. Izikhothane is a new subculture among South African youth, in which groups of teen-age boys battle each other in dissing, dancing, and wearing the best designer clothing. "Izikhothane is like being a famous guy in Katlehong," says Mgoduka. "It's about bragging."

Nineteen years after the beginning of multiracial democracy in South Africa, the Born Frees-the first generation of the so-called rainbow nation-have come of age. These young South Africans, whose parents lived through the transition from a brutal system of white-led racial segregation, under apartheid, to a country that sought to become a democracy with twelve national languages and one of the world's most progressive constitutions, have developed a voice and identity of their own.



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