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Marcus Bleasdale VII Photo
Schilt Publishing

"Rape of a nation"
Judges' Special Recognition
Zed Nelson
Contrasto Books

"Love me"


Allessandro Cosmelli, Marco Mathieu, - "OltreNero"

Stanley Greene, - "Black Passport"

Pierpaolo Mittica, - "Chernobyl: The Hidden Legacy"

Ben Garvin, - "Ant Farm"

Ed Kashi, - "Three"

Karla Gachet, Ivan Kashinsky, - "Historias Minimas"

Jessica Dimmock, - "The Ninth Floor"

Julien Chatelin, - "Israel Borderline"

Paul Nicklen, - "Polar Obsession"

Alf Kumalo, - "Through My Lens: A Photographic Memoir"

Marcus Bleasdale VII Photo, Schilt Publishing

"Rape of a nation"


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