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First Place
Sean Hemmerle
Contact / TIME

"Rust Belt"

Second Place
Simona Ghizzoni

"Fantasmi / Cambodian Victims"
Third Place
Magnus Wennman

Award of Excellence
Carl Kiilsgaard
Western Kentucky University

Award of Excellence
Benjamin Lowy
VII Network

"Iraq | Perspectives"
Award of Excellence
David Magnusson


First Place
Sean Hemmerle
Contact / TIME

Left to rot, the cathedrals of Industrialism, and the American Century dot the landscape from Pennsylvania to Illinois. Gone are the days of Carnegie and Ford and American exceptionalism. An examination of the landscape of American hyper-productivity and past glory contained within an oxidized palette.

Fisher Body Plant #21, originally built for Buick and Cadillac body production. Completely abandoned in 1991. Photographed in Detroit, Michigan, on March 19, 2008.



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