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Carl Kiilsgaard
Western Kentucky University


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Richard White has lived outside of Whitesburg, Ky., his entire life. The son of a coal miner, White has grown up with and dealt with first hand, the problems that exist in eastern Kentucky. With the coal industry the only major source of jobs in the community, Richard finds it hard land steady work. He lives with his wife of seven years, Tammie, and their three kids Holley, age seven; Bobby, age five; and Sam, age one. The family also hosts and houses a rotating cast of relatives and friends. Both Richard and Tammie struggle with drug addiction. Prescription pills, due to the high injury rate in coal mines, are widely available in the community and easily purchased for the couples abuse. Despite social and economic set-backs the couple provides the best they can for their family. (All names changed upon subjects request)

Richard White pulls his horse, Blaze, from behind the families trailer and out into the front yard. Having grown up around horses, Richard was determined as a young man to one day own a horse and when he finally saved up enough money he bought Blaze as a present for his wife Tammie.



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