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Second Place
Melissa Lyttle
St. Petersburg Times


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For the first seven years of her life, Danielle never saw the sun, felt the wind or tasted solid food. She was kept in a closet in a Plant City apartment, cloistered in darkness, left in a dirty diaper, fed only with a bottle. "She was a ferral child," said Carolyn Eastman of the Tampa heart Gallery. "We'd never seen a case like that."

In what you can make out through the broken, dirt-marked window, the view from the room Dani was confined to in Plant City, offers up a non-inspiring view of one neighboring house, and a cluttered yard in between. While giving a tour of Dani's old house, Charlie Moulton, 11, whose family now owns it , pauses to watch his younger brother through the same window that was Dani's only glimpse of the outside world.



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