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POYi 65 Winners


Newspaper and General Divisions

Magazine Divisions

Multimedia and Editing

Sunday, Feb. 17
Sports Action
Sports Feature
Sports Picture Story

Monday, Feb. 18
Sports Portfolio
Spot News
General News Reporting

Tuesday, Feb. 19
Newspaper News Picture Story
Magazine News Picture Story
Issue Reporting Story
* One Week’s Work

Wednesday, Feb. 20
Feature Picture
Feature Picture Story

Thursday, Feb. 21
Portrait Series

Friday, Feb. 22
* Community Awareness

* Newspaper Photographer
of the Year


Sunday, Feb. 24
Science/Natural History
Science/Natural History
Picture Story

Monday, Feb. 25
* Global Vision Award
General News Reporting
Spot News

Tuesday, Feb. 26
Feature Picture Story
Issue Reporting Story

Wednesday, Feb. 27
* Magazine Photographer
of the Year

* World Understanding

Thursday, Feb. 28
Multimedia Feature Story

Friday, Feb. 29
Multimedia News Story

* Denotes premiere and/or
cash award

Sunday, March 2
* Best Multimedia Project

Monday, March 3
Best Use Multimedia – Small
Best Use Multimedia – Major

Tuesday, March 4
Single Page News Story
Multiple Page News Story
Single Page Feature Story
Multiple Page Feature Story

Wednesday, March 5
Photo Column
Newspaper Series or Special Section
Newspaper Picture Editing
Portfolio -- < 100,000

Newspaper Pictures Editing
Portfolio -- > 100,000

Thursday, March 6
Magazine News Spread or Cover
Magazine Multiple Page News Story
Magazine Feature Spread or Cover
Magazine Multiple Page Feature Story
Magazine Picture Editing Portfolio

Friday, March 7
Magazine Best Use
Newspaper Best Use < 100,000
Newspaper Best Use > 100,000
* Best Use Books
* Angus McDougall Overall
Excellence in Editing Award


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