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John Moore Getty Images
"Camp Cropper Prison"

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"Ramadan Prayer" Iraqi detainees pray during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan at the Camp Cropper detention center September 19, 2007 in Baghdad, Iraq. Camp Cropper, where Saddam Hussein was detained until his trial, was expanded to replace the infamous Abu Ghraib prison, which closed in 2006. Cropper is the largest detention center in Baghdad and the entry point for some 25,000 Iraqi detainees being held around the country by the U.S. military. Prisoners' cases are reviewed each 6 months by a military review board, but many must wait for more than two years for their trails to come up, because of a severe backlog in the Iraqi court system. While the prison houses some of the most dangerous insurgents in the country, prison officials admit that many of the detainees are just innocent citizens who were caught up in U.S. military sweeps.


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