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First Place
The Denver Post

Tim Rasmussen, Kenneth D. Lyons, Craig F. Walker

"Cecil and Carl"

Second Place
The Herald

Herald Staff
"Heart of a Hunter"

Third Place
Los Angeles Times

Rick Loomis-photographer, Colin Crawford photo editor, Kelli Sullivan-deisgn

"The Hidden Man"

Award of Excellence
The New York Times

Jeffrey Henson Scales

"A Good Death"

Award of Excellence
San Francisco Chronicle

Photo Editing Team: Judy Walgren, Nicole Fruge, Russell Yip, Pete Kiehart, Luanne Dietz, and Dylan Entelis; Photographer: Lacy Atkins; Designer: Danielle Mollette-Parks

"Even Odds: A Place Apart"

Second Place
The Herald

Herald staff

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"Heart of A Hunter"


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