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First Place
Paolo Pellegrin
Magnum Photos

Second Place
Tomas Munita
Freelance for The New York Times

Third Place
Paolo Marchetti

Award of Excellence
Vincent Yu
Associated Press

Third Place
Paolo Marchetti

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Andy Warhol in the spring of 1968 he wrote "In the future everyone will be famous for 15minutes." Pop art was in fact the first language that ordinary sowed the seed of the magnificent, transforming the symbols of consumption in the artistic product. This germ has found fertile ground in television where the show slowly opened the extraordinariness of ordinary people, this process is rapidly changing socio-cultural identity of television and its function entertainer. The means of communication with pay TV channels and social networks have proliferated, and with them the possibility of becoming "famous" has expanded exponentially to anyone wishing to become one. The worldwide success of reality shows and the talent show is the proof. The first engine is the vanity, the second motor to yearn to 15 minutes of fame is passion. Not only that of the singers or dancers who tread the scenes of the great Talent Show but also the passion cooks, makeup artists, restorers, architects, bakers, photographers, surgeons or extreme travelers. The difference between being motivated by vanity alone or be moved by passion for what you can do is the same as between a transmission and a transmission by definition trash by definition tutorial. But in this new scenario, there is still room for the big show? The show made ​​by great professionalism, spectacular scenery, from authors who have ideas, educated and versatile conductors, dancers in a row and talented singers accompanied by magnificent orchestras. Or with the advent of new communication platforms has changed permanently era? This is the death of the great circus, the vanishing of Kaleidoscope.



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