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Rick Loomis
Los Angeles Times
"Not So Happily Ever After"

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Chris Lewis and Cody Horton of Ohio gave up everything they had for love. They quit their jobs, left their loved ones and moved to California to get married - a right they didn't have in Ohio. But within two-weeks of their union voters passed Proposition 8, a ban on same-sex marriage. In conservative Ohio, the couple had o hide their relationship but in California they left the closet and became activists in the sometimes violent street protests that took place in the wake of the election.

Christopher Lewis, 24, and Cody Horton, 20, moved from Ohio into a small apartment in Tehachapi, Ca., a city that overwhelmingly voted to prohibit same sex marriage. On weekends they prefer the comfort of a more tolerant West Hollywood, a two hour drive from their home.



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