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First Place
Rina Castelnuovo
The New York Times


Second Place
Lucas Oleniuk
Toronto Star

Third Place
Alex Wong
Getty Images

"House Holds Hearing On Lehman Brothers Collapse"
Award of Excellence
Oded Baililty
Associated Press

Award of Excellence
Deanne Fitzmaurice
/ TIME Magazine
"Frank and Joe"
Award of Excellence
Rebecca S. Gratz
The Omaha World-Herald

"Standing Strong"
Award of Excellence
Michael Holahan
The Agusta Chronicle

"A Soldier's Prayer"
Award of Excellence
Jay Janner
Austin American-Statesman

"FLDS girl waits to be released"
Award of Excellence
Eric Kayne
Houston Chronicle

Award of Excellence
Chris Schneider
Rocky Mountain News

"Call of Sacrifice"
Second Place
Lucas Oleniuk
Toronto Star


A female student sits in the yard of the Central Primary School in the Hagadera refugee camp during morning prayers. Nearly 250,000 people have pushed the refugee camps of Dadaab, Kenya to their brink. The camp is now one of the largest and oldest refugee camps in the world. The vast majority of the refugees came from Somalia whose boarder lies only 85km away. With perpetual instability in Somalia there exists little to no hope of resettlement for these refugees. Some of the children who were born into the camp are now 17-years-old.


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