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First Place
Photo editing by Nick Kirkpatrick and MaryAnne Golon. Photographer/Videographer Kadir van Lohuizen. Video editing by Sarah Parnass. Content editing by Mary Beth Sheridan. Design and development by Brian Gross and Courtney Kan/The Washington Post
"A world of waste"

Second Place
Simen Grytoyr / AD VG Helg, Torfinn Weisser / designer / Espen Rasmussen (photography) / Ronny Berg/Verdens Gang
"White Rage"

Third Place
David Furst, International Photo Editor; Craig Allen, Photo Editor; Adam Ferguson, Freelance Photographer/The New York Times
"Through the Outback"

Award of Excellence
Deb Pastner, David Joles, Greg Mees, Derek Simmons/Star Tribune
"Left to Suffer"

Award of Excellence
Photo editing by Nick Kirkpatrick. Design by Joanne Lee and Matthew Callahan/The Washington Post
"Unraveling Mexico "

Second Place